There's no better place than New England High Country to indulge in a cold beer, award-winning wine, hearty pub meal or world-class restaurant.

No country town is complete without a pub, and luckily for New England, they've got some of the best pubs keeping both locals and visitors alike well fed and watered. 

In Tenterfield you'll find the newly renovated Commercial Hotel - a place that wouldn't look out of place in inner city Sydney or Melbourne - serving up craft beers and tapas-style share plates.

Uralla is home to the warm and welcoming Top Pub, which offers the best feed in ton, a fairy light adorned beer garden and a hopping front bar where locals and travellers alike gather for sundowners.

Be sure to make a beeline for ‘the original gastro pub’ - the Walcha Road Hotel, where the chef (who is also a baker) serves up elegant meals as well as pub favourites. Set amongst Walcha’s trademark rolling countryside 19km from town, this is a charming, historic pub not to be missed.

Trivia and live music are also on the menu at pubs across New England, and many provide impressive accommodation options.