Gibraltar National Park, NSW

Kev Smith — 10 August 2017

Located 90 km west of Grafton on the NSW’s mid north coast, there is a hidden gem just waiting to be explore.

Our destination for this trip was Gibraltar National Park which is just 3km along on the southern side of the Gwydir Highway.  Being well sign posted and marked, the turn off is not hard to miss. The entrance to the park will see you gather some information off the info boards, which give you a quick run down on the drive in, flora and fauna, and the importance of this park.

From the info boards to Mulligan's hut camping area it is a mere 10km of dirt road, maintained occasionally but you still need to take care as it twists and winds its way along. As soon as you leave here to head to the camping area you will notice the amazing rock formations that are scattered throughout the park, as this is granite rock country. The rock formations or Tors are a result of volcanic activity millions of years ago. 

The great thing about this area are the activities that are at hand. You can explore the crazy rock formations, maybe take on a walk or two, or wander down to Dundahra Creek for some water based activities such as swimming or cray bobbing. 

Being World Heritage listed, visitors are allowed access in the form of marked tracks that range from 400 metres through to a huge 100km heritage listed walk that takes around 5 days. Rock formations are definitely the highlight of the park, standing out like sore thumbs - with such names as The Pinnacles,  Anvil Rock and The Needle.

Being around 1000 metre above sea level you need to be prepared for the season in which you visit. Winters can get bitterly cold with temperatures down to well below zero, yet summers get stifling hot - just as well there are cold showers and swimming holes. 

By just sitting around the camp we were amazed at the vast arrange of wildlife that started to appear when they feel more comfy having some new visitors around. From king parrots, magpies, cheeky kookaburras, honey eaters looking for a sweet nectar, right through to rock wallabies' that hide amongst the gums - it sure feels nice!

We all talk about what's more important, ‘The journey or the destination’, well with this getaway it is all about the destination.