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New England by Motorcycle: A Photo Story


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Whether your sin is tarmac or dirt you’ll find heavenly delights at New England High Country.

Waterfall Way

1. The windy Waterfall Way weaves across the Great Dividing Range and delivers plenty of what the name promises.

Sweeping country roads

2. Plenty of sweeping country roads to really open ‘er up.

Morning cuppa at Graze Cafe

3. Morning cuppa and something sweet is mandatory, of course. Graze café in Walcha delivers.

New England by Motorbike

4. You’ll find plenty of back roads all to yourself.

Petersons Guesthouse and Winery

5. Stylish accommodation in a stately country homestead like Petersons Guesthouse and Winery? Don’t mind if I do.

New England by Motorbike

6. Leave the city (and your mates) in your dust.

Stunning views await

7. “I can see for miles and miles…” No shortage of spectacular vistas across the gorge country of New England’s national parks.

The Commercial Boutique Hotel

8. Call into the Commercial Hotel in Tenterfield for a special kind of pub lunch (you know, a bit fancy) and a local craft beer.

Sunset riding

9. Sunset riding never looked so good.

Plenty of country charm in New England

10. Country charm by the bucket load.

Cruising through Armidale

11. Cruise through Armidale and enjoy its impressive historic architecture.

Stunning views await

12. Happy place.

New England by Motorbike

13. Plenty of off-road adventures to be had.

Saumarez Homestead

14. Step back in time at the historic Saumarez Homestead.

New England by Motorbike

15. Nice day for a country meander, wouldn’t you say?

New England by Motorbike

16. If you’ve a taste for the dirt you won’t be disappointed in New England.

Time to go chasing waterfalls

17. Go chasing waterfalls…

Walcha Road Hotel

18. Always time for a cold one at the Walcha Road Hotel. Just one, of course!

Nothing better than riding with mates

19. Is there any better way to catch up with good mates than to ride together?

River scenery in New England

20. From mountains to rivers, there’s a huge variety of scenery to enjoy in New England.

New England by Motorbike

21. Can’t go over it, under it or around it, just go through it!

New England by Motorbike

22. Now that’s what you came here for.

Glen Innes Road

23. There’s no end to the adventures you’ll find here. Try the Old Glen Innes Road, for starters. 

Watching the billy boil

24. Always time to boil a billy on a chilly winter’s morning.

New England by Motorbike

25. Real world who?

Tenterfield Saddler

26. Pull up at the iconic Tenterfield Saddler, made famous by Tenterfield’s own the Boy from Oz.

Tenterfield Saddler

27. Time is a traveller (and so are you) at the Tenterfield Saddler.

New England by Motorbike

28. The sun sets on another perfect day of riding in New England High Country. Until next time…

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