Experience the thrill of altitude in New England's High Country

Armidale | Glen Innes | Guyra | Inverell  | Tenterfield | Uralla | Walcha

Spectacular waterfalls, gorges, world-heritage national parks, cool-climate vineyards and a fascinating and diverse cultural heritage. Canyoning, mountain biking, birdwatching, trout fishing and other outdoor adventures take on an exciting new dimension up high.

And you’ll be delighted all over again when you come inside to discover our galleries, museums, fine food and wine.

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At around 1000 metres above sea level, New England's High Country offers visitors a truly evocative and unique experience with four distinct seasons. The city of Armidale and the towns of Glen Innes, Guyra, Inverell, Tenterfield, Uralla and Walcha share a rich history and stunning natural environment.

Where else can you experience World Heritage wilderness in the morning and indulge in the sophistication of world-class galleries and vineyards in the afternoon?

Imagine a place where the geology and biodiversity is unique, where you can climb giant rock formations, stroll through rainforests, encounter rare wildlife, watch powerful waterfalls, camp in the wilderness, paddle wild rivers, and find endless breathtaking views.

This is all part of the New England High Country experience – there are hundreds of thousands of hectares of national parks and state forests to explore.

Experience the highs.

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19 things you’ll see in New England High Country

A game of ‘I Spy’ for New England Travellers 1. Gorges The dramatic gorges of the Oxley Wild Rivers and New England National Parks are a sight to behold. 2.Waterfalls With all those gorges come a whole lot of waterfalls! The main road from the east coast is even called Waterfall Way. 3. Granite boulders Whether you’re driving, hiking, clambering or climbing, the granite boulders of this region are incredibly beautiful. 4. Subtropical Rainforest Deep in the gorges and gullies of the region’s National Parks you’ll find pristine subtropical rainforest. 5. Antarctic Beech Trees And those rainforests are dotted with ancient Antarctic beech trees that hark back to the Gondwana era. 6. Amazing views The region’s high altitude means plenty of breathtaking views across the mountains to the coastal flats beyond. 7. Historic churches What better place to say ‘I do’? 8. Grand buildings A prosperous agricultural region from the early days of European settlement in Australia, there was plenty of money to build grand buildings, homesteads and schools. 9. Locally made gifts and goodies The locals are a creative bunch in New England and plenty of shops sell their wares. 10. Shearing sheds This is sheep country, after all. 11. Sheep See, we told you! 12. Cute country towns Outside the region’s capital, Armidale, you’ll find cute historic villages like Uralla, Tenterfield, Walcha and Glen Innes. 13. Parks And each of those cities and towns have beautiful parklands! 14. Snow Make no mistake about it, winters in New England are COLD! Just look at that winter wonderland… 15.Autumn leaves Autumn, on the other hand, is ablaze in hues of red, orange and yellow. Maybe that’s why they call it New England? 16. Winding country roads You’ll do more pulling over for photos than driving in New England, we promise. 17. Local produce Stock up on delicious local produce, from olives to meat and goats cheese. 18. Weird and wacky monuments From giant whale sculptures in Walcha to the Stonehenge-esque Australian Standing Stones in Glen Innes, there’s many a monument to admire in New England. 19. Beer What tastes better than a locally made cold one?