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1. Oxley Highway Arguably Australia’s most iconic motorcycling road, the Oxley Highway runs from the coast at Port Macquarie to Walcha and then through to Tamworth.  This stretch of road snakes through a variety of landscapes, from rainforest to vast open farmland, offering some truly beautiful scenery. 2. Waterfall Way There is no euphemism in
We took three Beemers on a tour of New England High Country, just as the region had its coldest week in 20 years. Staring out the window at 2am, it is hard to believe what I am seeing. That’s got to be sleet swirling around the streetlight, though it looks a little light to be
If you find yourself in Armidale or Uralla needing to while away a few hours, Tourist Drive 19 is for you. It comprises 86km of country back roads, including 20km unsealed, and will easily fill half a day or more. You’ll need to pack walking shoes, a picnic spread, a taste for local wine and