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Celtic Origins The Australian Standing Stones celebrate the Celtic nations whose descendants contributed to Australian life and reflect the movement of the Earth around the sun, an important feature of Celtic life. The ancient Celts were farming people who lived across Europe and the British Isles from around 2600 years ago. The Celts raised stones
Explore the fascinating mining and mountain villages of Glen Innes Highlands and be transported back in time when you take a self-guided driving tour of the countryside. The three mining villages of Emmaville, Torrington and Deepwater have richly contrasting landscapes immersed in the history of the mining boom days. Tour Drive 11 is a 140km
Walk with history and gaze upon the magnificent buildings of Glen Innes, like the basalt stone courthouse built in 1873, a year after the Adelaide-Darwin Overland Telegraph was completed and seven years before the first Edison-Bell telephone was installed in Sydney. Or the School of Arts building and impressively ornate Kwong Sing and Co department
If you have an hour to spare when you come up and explore Tenterfield in New England High Country, take a walk around the main township to learn about some of the beautiful historic buildings that are part of the fabric of its rich history and heritage. Known as the ‘Birthplace of our Nation’, Sir
Wander around the little town of Uralla with your eyes open. There are lots of surprises. And we don’t want you to get run over. We can’t offer you mansions. Sorry, but they’re all out of town, built by squatters who began to move up onto the tablelands in the 1830s. Despite the climate, they
Boutique Shopping: Spoil yourself at one of Uralla’s unique specialty stores – gifts, home décor, fashion, local art, antiques, antiquarian books and more – there’s something for everyone. Cafés & Country Pubs: Sit and enjoy a meal at one of Uralla’s fine cafés and delightful old pubs. Take advantage of our mild summers to sit