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We’re excited to announce that visitors and locals can now experience four new nature Soundtrails in New England High Country’s national parks, adding to the region’s five existing Soundtrails. Delivered through the Soundtrails mobile app, utilising GPS tracking technology, this immersive audio experience triggers stories on location, connecting listeners emotionally and physically to a place
Over the past year, COVID lockdowns have restricted the way we travel and the way we interact, depriving us of the simple things we often take for granted. Things like catching up with mates or being able to jump in the car and go for a long drive. Now, the future is looking up. Travel
Discover culture, history and nature through Soundtrails Soundtrails are self-paced trails with locative audio recordings designed to immerse you in the stories of your surroundings. Using GPS technology, the stories are delivered as you make your way along the trail