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Authentic: Of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine. In a word, authentic pretty much sums up our time spent at Cheyenne Wilderness Retreat Farmstay. Absolutely everything about this place is authentic. Cheyenne is an 1800 acre working cattle farm perched on the edge of Macleay Gorge. It is run by the Blomfield family, Alex
The most popular eatery in the quaint town of Walcha. It isn’t hard to spot Café Graze as you drive up the main street of the tiny New England town of Walcha.  It’s the place with people spilling out on the front deck, enjoying breakfast and catching up on the town’s latest scuttlebutt. This is
THE OXLEY Highway is one of those roads that experienced motorbike riders talk of with something approaching awe. If you’re an Oxley virgin then it’s a trip that, once finished, you’d like to go back and do again. Better this time, smoother, a tad faster perhaps? Starting out from Husqvarna Motorcycles in Port Macquarie, a
Early on in our travels through the NEHC, I got talking to some lovely ladies in Tenterfield curious about what we were doing. I told them about some of the places we were visiting, with Walcha being the furthest south we had roamed. Now, one of the ladies in the group was from Walcha, and
A workshop and retail space celebrating all things locally handmade. There’s something special about Walcha Handmade. It is a beautiful space where creativity is fostered, community is celebrated and local makers are supported. Walcha Handmade is a rare example of a retail shopping experience that brings visitors close to the community through which they pass.
The little town of Walcha is a living, breathing art gallery. As you wander around Walcha, a charming New England town comprised of a main street and a smattering of houses, you begin to notice a theme: sculptures. They appear subtly at first: an ornately carved wooden totem near the supermarket, an especially pretty park