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Check out these great rides – a collection of memorable day and multi-day routes across the beautiful Tenterfield Shire. Tenterfield Shire’s quiet gravel roads and remote, high-country wilderness trails offer breath taking cycling experiences. From easy-paced rambles to multi-day bike-packing epics, Tenterfield offers a range of great gravel and off-road adventures. Escape to stunning scenery
Choose from a variety of courses around Glen Innes Highlands perfect for your very own self-paced rides. Each course varies in difficulty and has full or short options to suit different experience levels. Cycling – Glen Innes Highlands Fun of Furracabad Loop | 42km or 55km loop Beardy/Red Range/Pinkett/Pretty Valley 56km or 90km The Kings Loop/Kingsland
Come and explore a variety of routes for mixed-terrain cycling around Armidale, ranging from easy to epic! Designed mostly for gravel bikes, the routes can also be enjoyed on mountain bikes, or shorter routes with modern road bikes.  Take advantage of the fresh air in Armidale where the experiences you have here will exhilarate, thrill
Enjoy a great selection of day and multi day rides around Walcha. All rides are mapped on ride with gps. The quiet gravel roads and remote wilderness trails combine with a plethora of ‘must-see’ natural wonders to offer an exceptional cycling experience. Spectacular waterfalls, gorges, wild rivers and world-heritage national parks are there for exploring.
• Apsley Falls, Oxley Wild Rivers National Park The awe-inspiring Apsley Falls are one of the must-see and most accessible waterfalls in the New England region, located just 19km east of Walcha. Suitable for all vehicles and caravans, with all-sealed access, the magnitude of the gorge with its impressive sheer-faced cliffs is truly breathtaking. •
• Heritage Walk, Soundtrail and Aniwan Cultural Collection Take a tour through historic Uralla and listen to local characters and stories as you walk around town. View the Aniwan Cultural Collection at the Visitor Information Centre to view rare and ancient artefacts and stories donated by Aniwan Elders and members of the community. • Bulagaranda (Mount Yarrowyck) Aboriginal